Club 500

Club 500

Club 500 speed boats are aptly named, due to the fact that the boats are approximately 515mm long. The models are easy to build and maintain, and being a single class, they can be used for club or inter-club competition. There is a standard list of rules we use at Margam, with the only change being that we race four races per meeting, consisting of four laps.

2023 Racing Dates

Club 500 racing dates for 2023 start from 5th March and run right through the summer until October. A full list of dates can be found here, so dust off your boat and join in.

2023 Racing Results

The 2023 racing results are updated after each event including the scoring system. If you have any questions or would like to take part, pop down for a chat with our speed rep Keith.


We use the standard 'M' shaped course. These are navigated clockwise or anti-clockwise. In addition, we do a simple oval shaped course to allow new entrants a chance to get used to racing.

Club 500 Racing Gallery

A small selection of Club 500 racing boats practising prior to a race meeting.