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Hi all. How about a chairman’s Challenge?
The theme for the park week end is recycling. The Challenge.

Make a boat out of household rubbish, must be recycled rubbish?
Have a think about it and let me know if there is any interest for it.

Must be household recycled rubbish. Upto about three foot long
Two channel only. Any form of power plant.
All in the aim of fun

Cheers for now Ken.



It has been brought to my attention from local residents and our Highways Department  that parking by members of the Boat Club in the small car park adjacent to Fishpond is becoming an issue, to the extent that large farm vehicles are sometimes having difficulty in passing. The original agreement (when we put the gate in between the car park and the park) was that this gate was only to be used by disabled members of the club
with a provision to review access if any issues developed. The number of cars parking has caused an issue which we need to resolve. Can the Club ensure that it is just disabled members who use this access point. Should the problem persist access through the gate may have to be withdrawn.

Michael Wynne Park Manager.

Parking is for Blue Badge holders only that has come from the Park. Andy.

Parking behind the castle for sailing is also prohibited

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Arctic Cat News.

Arriving into Hongkong around 1st of march, then 4-5 weeks to UK

Arctic Cat Build Thread

Arctic Cat Video

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Membership is due for renewal and is £27, if you wish to re-join, please complete the form and post or hand it to me with £27. I hope to see you all at the Lake soon.Geoff.

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